Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunset Coasting Sunday Sunset Beach!

Sand Dunes leading to the Beach at Sunset Beach
How is your spring coming along? It's pretty soggy here today, a deep marine layer. Or as we  call it, 'gloomy'. Anyways, I thought I would share a little walk I had in Sunset Beach. It's a narrow section of land, settled between the Huntington Beach harbor and the Pacific Ocean. A couple miles of highway featuring restaurants, kayak rentals, tattoo shops, bars and of course, the 'Psychic'. You know this type of strip, a couple miles of odd places. Actually, there are some good restaurants and the famous "Mother's"-- the local biker bar. Wow, I've made it sound so seedy. But off the highway are gorgeous expensive beach homes and a nice greenbelt for walking the dogs, Tinker and Pumpkin. Coming from the north on the Pacific Coast Highway, you know you're in Sunset Beach when you see the water tower.

The giant water tower was converted to a home in the 1970's. You might have seen it featured on HGTV. It's been sold quite a few times, used as a rental beach house and I don't know what it is now. Just a cool landmark!
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James owned this water front home until a couple years ago.
In the middle of the greenbelt is this cute friendship garden. I think it is such a cute idea! People add momentos like painted rocks, seashells, little toys, crosses and flags along with flowers and plants. Anything goes and people seem to respect the garden and leave the things there.Some things are left in memory of a loved one. Others just paint a rock in remembrance of their vacation in Sunset Beach. I might add, this is a very public walk and very busy in the summer months because of the beach access. I  think it would be fun to do this where I live, but then people might think I'm crazy. Okay, maybe they already think that.

Isn't the garden  the sweetest little thing?
I couldn't leave my Sunset Beach mini tour without some sunset pictures! In the background is the Long Beach skyline, an oil platform and a freight ship, waiting to go into the Long Beach Harbor... all common sites along this coastline.

Now tell me, do you have signs like this in the city you live in? We have them in several places. We also hear the testing of the alarm sirens once a month.
 Or maybe a sign like this....
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  1. The sun did not come out in Ventura all day. We put on Uggs to walk the beach this morning. I know that warm weather is coming - hopefully this week!

    1. Yes, it was thick! I took some of these pictures last week when it was super windy and the sunset on another night. Some of the pictures in the wind were terrible, I couldn't hold the camera steady. Cindy

  2. Cindy,

    What a cool tour! Love all the pics....especially that water tower! I would love to take a tour!



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