Friday, April 12, 2013

The New Mattress Saga

Good day! It's absolutely gorgeous here in Huntington Beach, California. The sun is out, it's the perfect temperature, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming and there's a light ocean breeze. But this isn't about that. It's about my new mattress.
My old mattress was probably about 18 years old. It was getting kind of lumpy. It would be fine when I flipped it, but after a few days it developed sort of a hole where I slept. I would wake up with a sore back. Anyways, it was time for a new mattress.
I don't know about you, but I find it very hard to choose a new mattress. Sitting on a showroom mattress for a minute doesn't give me any idea how it will be sleeping on it. And mattresses, as you know, can be a big expense.
Well, I thought my problem was solved. I spent the night at a friend's house a while ago, and loved the mattress. She loved it too and had even purchased a second, larger king sized mattress for her master bedroom. Great. This is the mattress for me and the price was right. Even though she got it from a store in San Diego, they delivered it to her about 90 miles away.
So I got the info and ordered the same mattress for myself and they agreed to deliver it. It came, they set it up, they asked if I was satisfied. It felt great. Except for one thing I noticed later...It had a terrible chemical odor.
You see, I suffer from chemical sensitivities. Some things just make me sick. Test driving new cars makes me nauseated. Shoe stores full of cheap shoes.. ick. New carpet is just about the worst. I get dizzy, headaches, nausea and feel awful. Just sniffing this mattress made me swoon.
Okay, I thought, I'll just let it air out overnight. I slept downstairs and left the window open with the mattress. It still was stinky the next morning. Alright, I thought, I'll buy a zip up mattress cover, seal it in! I jumped onto Amazon and found a bedbug proof mattress protector with good reviews and also ordered a new mattress cover while I was at it.
And I slept downstairs, letting it air out until the items came a week later. Still stinky!
The protector came, I put it on with the mattress cover, the sheets, the comforter.. it still made my head spin.
What was I going to do? Stick it in another room for a year and let it air out? I decided to bite the bullet and call the company that sold me the mattress.  Miracle of miracles, they were very nice about it and agreed to swap it out with another mattress and deliver it for no extra charge. I had to wait a few days until they were delivering something up this way, but today the mattress arrived! It doesn't smell like chemicals. It's comfortable! It's awesome!
That should be the end of the story but it's not. When I ordered the first mattress, I got the smaller size box spring because the  new mattress was deeper  and I didn't want my bed too high. Well, the mattress I got today is thinner and it looked ridiculously low. I wasn't going to let it stay that way. I had another box spring in the thin size in another room, that wasn't being used. I hefted it out of there, got it under the mattress and it looks like a normal bed now! Whew!!!
Except that now I have a king size headboard with a queen size mattress.. Oh well, a project for another day. 'How to turn a king size headboard into a queen size'....
Have a comfortable day!


  1. Bless your heart! What an ordeal. I know exactly what you mean by odor sensitivities - I can hardly walk into a craft or fabric store without choking. Between the dyes and the artificial fragrances, I can hardly breathe. SO very glad for you that the mattress company switched the original mattress for one you can tolerate. == Jan

  2. I'm glad someone understands this problem with chemicals! Thanks for sharing here. Cindy

  3. I love the design of the really looks very comfortable..mattress is very much important specially when we sleep..

    1. Dear Mattress store, thank you for the spam. You obviously didn't read my article and yes, mattress is important when we sleep.. :/

  4. One of the most common problems in buying a new mattress is the chemical odor, which can be harmful to the likes of you who are sensitive with such chemicals. But good thing though, you had your mattress changed, and you can now sleep comfortably without worrying much about the chemical odor.

  5. Deciding on the type of mattress to buy should be well thought of. Well, I'm glad to hear that even after little problems with your purchase, the company has been adept to service you with what you need. That is what you get when you buy only from reputable companies who put their customers' satisfaction first and foremost. Congratulations!
    Dante @ The Healthy Bed Store

  6. 18 year old mattress? I could only imagine how lumpy it became. Good thing you replaced it before your sore back got worst and caused more problems. The sore back could lead to spine problems and body misalignment – not to mention the nasty effect of sleep deprivation because of the rough bed you’re sleeping on.-- Roberta at Glendale Mattress Central


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