Friday, July 26, 2013

Quilt Class Delights!

 Friday! Yay! How was your week? Any great weekend plans? I missed the sewing class Tuesday and wouldn't you know it? There were some great quilts shared! Thankfully, Diane sent me some photos of the work completed this week.

Roxanne shared her log cabin quilt. I love the silhouettes in black of wildlife animals. What a cozy quilt and great job!

Louise completed this awesome quilt. I love the geometric designs and the way the patterns pull you around the quilt. Great colors, too!

Here's a peek at a cute quilt I made a couple years ago for my nephew's daughter. Another scrappy creation in a simple pattern. I just did a simple wavy design for the top quilting. The back is cozy fleece in a butterfly fabric. It's so fun to make things for little girls again! 
Kitana with her mom Vivan! (She's grown so much since this pic!)

 In quilt class baby news, both Jasmine and Mimi had their babies. Jasmine had a sweet baby girl, Sophia, and Mimi had her twins. I don't have much news on the twins yet. Congratulations, mamas!!! Now you have a class full of grandmas waiting to get their hands on those cuties...myself included!

Alright gals, keep creating, keep sewing and I'll share your work on the blog! Thanks for dropping by the Sunset Coast.

Have an Earnest Day!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Big Fat Mirror Makeover Using Paint!!!

 Good day! July is flying by! I've been busy creating, just not busy blogging here much. I do have a fun project to show off today.
 I found this vintage grass cloth covered mirror at a thrift store. It was even in the 1/2 price section. At one time these mirrors were the height of sophisticated decor. I guess they've fallen out of favor. Well, I knew right away what I wanted to do to this plain castoff! But it was a great size, a good mirror and the grass cloth texture would make it interesting to paint. Time for a do it yourself makeover!
 The first thing I had to do was get out the Elmer's Glue and glue down almost all of the grass cloth that had loosened up. Probably the reason it was at the thrift store, but an easy fix, I just glued down the loose sections. 

This was the easiest redo, I hardly have to tell you what I did.
After the glue dried, I gave it a coat of white latex paint.
Finally, I got out an assortment of acrylic craft paints and just started painting in sections. The grass cloth lines were my guide. 
I finished up with some white painted lines between the sections.
I didn't give it a top coat of polyurethane or anything. That paint isn't going anywhere!

I love it! It's so colorful and reminds me of a painted life saver or a chunky wreath, wrapped in a beach towel, with a mirror in the middle!

The moral of the story, don't pass up an ugly piece with good bones. This had a fine mirror and interesting texture. Just use some imagination and make something fun and useful!

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Go out and have a Giddy Day!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quilt Time!!!!

  So how is everyone doing? Is your summer going well? Southern California has been very gloomy for a couple days. We even had a little bit of rain. Not enough to water the plants, but just some strange monsoonal moisture. 

  Quilt class was in full swing Tuesday. A few projects were completed so I thought I would share here...
Jennifer made this cute and hilarious maternity top! An appliqued baby is peaking out through the middle. Jasmine our soon-to-deliver-mom was the perfect model for this unique project!
 Gloria has made a few of these nice quilted tote bags. I love the orange owl fabric on this one. Even the inside has great pocket detailing! Orange! Owls! Win-Win!

 Below, you'll see the quilted table topper I finally finished. It was an interesting technique. I made these  little round quilts, then sewed them together in squares and sewed down the curved edges. It looked like I had 25 pot holders before it was put together. It's a nice effect, but lots of work for a small quilt. This only came out to about 25 inches square. Here's a link to the instructions if you dare to try it! (click here).
  I want to thank all the quilting ladies for letting me share their projects and quilts. It's fun to see the finished product! Keep on sewing !

  Have a Stitchin' Day!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some Blogger Block and my new Deck and Garden

    Is there such a thing as 'blogger's block? Because I think I had it this week. It's summer, I should be full of energy and blogging my heart out. But I wasn't feeling it.

  I thought today would be a good day to share my new deck and pergola. The old deck was rotting away. The railings were termite ridden. The whole thing was an eyesore. This deck is right off my living room and it's main purpose is to be able to open the sliding glass door for ventilation. It's usually either too blazing hot or too windy to sit out on the deck. Besides, if I'm going outside, I usually go to the backyard.

  I decided to go with Trek decking. It's something that will last and won't rot, need refinishing or feed the termites. I also replaced the railing with vinyl and had a vinyl patio cover made for shade. I love the look of the pergola! I also love the shade overhead. It's unbelievable how hot that deck used to get and also the living room. The patio cover is helping so much!  The other I decision I made, was to make the deck narrower. What this did was open up a long section of garden below about 3 feet wide. I've been working to fill this with plantings. It really has changed in the past 4 months or so since the deck was completed.

 Even these pictures are about 6 weeks old and it's amazing how much has already changed. The morning glory is spreading across the lattice covered front. I read somewhere that you should plant your garden to look good in about 3 years. We'll see how it goes!

  Moving the deck back not only added some garden space, but gave me this cozy little spot for my  trash to treasure, orange painted chair. It feels like a whole new mini retreat, right next to the new flowers and plants and I've since added an umbrella to this spot.
Some of the plants I added are: rosemary, lavender, a sweet pink camellia, dwarf orange tree, abutilon, a tiny flowered fuschia, sweet pea bush and mandevilla. I started with pretty small plants. I've never had luck with abutilon so I only used a teeny one. If it grows, it will have beautiful coral colored flowers. It's also known as 'chinese lantern'.
  I hope you enjoyed seeing my new project and how the garden is coming along. I'll be in the pool all summer!
My nephew and grand- niece enjoying the pool!

Grand- nephew learning to dive!

 Have yourselves a refreshing summer day!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vanity Bench DIY Furniture Paint Makeover (and Quilts!)

Happy Sunday! Did you have a good 4th of July weekend? It officially feels like summer and I'm trying to swim in the pool everyday for exercise. The pool has been self heating with a solar cover since I removed 3 giant ficus trees. The trees had to go! The roots were ruining the concrete.

Remember that 'plain jane'  vintage vanity bench I shared a couple days ago? Well, here it is, all made over and pretty.

I took that little gal with the sweet cabriole legs, sanded and painted and sanded a little more to distress it. After coating it with polyurethane, it was almost done. The only thing left to do was upholster the removable top with some new fabric.

New Fabric Stapled On!

Even the inside got painted and the lid got lined with fabric using spray adhesive!

Here she is in all her glory, a sweet little vanity bench re-do!!! Now this vintage furniture is gorgeous again.

In other crafty news, I also wanted to share a couple quilts from my class this week.

Rosanne made this fine table runner. All ready for the patriotic holiday!
 Linda finished her scrappy quilt. She used scraps from many projects over the years and this brings back lots of memories of her past sewing endeavors.
Thanks to the sewing class ladies for letting me share their fine work. Keep on creating my friends!

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Have a Blissful Day!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Visiting my home town---Huntington Beach!

Happy 5th! Did you have a nice holiday? I thought I would share a little about the city I live in. Huntington Beach is a great place to live. The weather is wonderful in this Southern California region and we have about 10 miles of coastline. Summer brings thousands of tourists to this city every day. The downtown is right by the beach with a long pier, shops, restaurants, bars and surf stores. The beach is a world class surfing destination, home to frequent surf contests and sand volleyball is big too. Besides the beach, there are homes of all kinds since this city was started in the early 1900s. Oil is still found here as well. Big hotels have come up along the beach  which include a Hilton and Hyatt hotels. Pacific Coast Highway is jammed all summer and frankly, I avoid the most crowded parts.
 But I decided to take a little visit to Huntington Beach, California Main Street, the beach and pier.. just to share! As you can see, the pier is decked out for the 4th of July Holiday.
  I took these photos on July 3rd, right before the big holiday. The city was packed with beach go-ers and those who come to see the Fourth of July parade. Typical of early July, the sky was overcast but cleared in the afternoon.
 Beach volleyball on the sand next to the pier. Professional competitions take place here too. In the background are stands set up for a surf contest taking place in the ocean beyond.
Huntington Beach is also know as Surf City. Lifeguards here have to be among the best and busiest!

 This is Main Street. It starts right at the pier. Lots of traffic and the surf shops had their wares out on the sidewalks for the big weekend of tourists.
The restaurants and cafes spilled out onto the sidewalks giving diners a view of the world passing by.
I peeked into this huge swimwear shop just because of the fabulous chandeliers of orchids and tropical flowers. 

Main Street turns into a tree lined boulevard with homes of every type. Craftsman, Victorian, Modern, Mid Century, and Spanish homes are just a few of the types of architecture on this street and in the downtown area. Many of the houses were decorated for the 4th. The parade runs right along this street and many parties are held over the holiday.

Well, that's my little trip to Downtown Huntington Beach! This city has over 200,000 people now and there are lots of parks, beaches, colleges and schools and other  interesting sites . Thanks for visiting a little corner of the Sunset Coast today!

Have an Paradise day!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Crackle Painted Vintage Nightstand

 Happy Monday, Campers! Something happened! Time got away from me and I barely posted anything last week. I told you I was a little project burned out, but I started something to share in a day or so.
I do have something to show you today, though! I painted this nightstand a few years ago using a crackle finish. Remember that stuff? Well, a can of crackle finish lasts a long time.

I got this mid century furniture piece at a thrift store, (no big surprise) and decided to paint it for my family room. It has since been moved to the guest room where it's a better height for the bed in there.
This wood nightstand was nicely made and sturdy. It had interesting handles, that were actually wood parts built into the drawers. The top drawer opened easily, but the bottom one was hard to open so I added a burnt orange knob. 

I have to say, putting a crackle finish on furniture is quite a few steps. 
Sand, prime, paint undercoat color ( I used the tan from my family room), glop on crackle medium, paint on top coat color ( I used off white and green), protective coat with polyurethane.
Of course I added a step, I painted the decorative details on the top and front of the piece.
Oh, and painting over the crackle stuff is tricky! You get one swipe of paint and leave it alone or you risk messing up the crackle .
 Here's the painting detail on top. I was inspired by some fabric I had to paint that pomegranate design.
I accessorized the nightstand with a vintage lamp, a hand knit doll from Austria and a Russian hand painted wood vase that serves as a pen and pencil container. The little doll was from a trip to Austria many years ago and belonged to my daughter.( I wonder if she'll want it back now!) I just love the knit body and handmade clothes in Austrian costume. The vintage Russian container was a lucky thrifty find.

Here's a little preview of my next furniture makeover. This little vanity stool with storage in the seat... I'm a sucker for a cabriole leg. This gal has a sweet shape, just needs a little dressing up. Come back and see how it turns out!
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