Friday, July 26, 2013

Quilt Class Delights!

 Friday! Yay! How was your week? Any great weekend plans? I missed the sewing class Tuesday and wouldn't you know it? There were some great quilts shared! Thankfully, Diane sent me some photos of the work completed this week.

Roxanne shared her log cabin quilt. I love the silhouettes in black of wildlife animals. What a cozy quilt and great job!

Louise completed this awesome quilt. I love the geometric designs and the way the patterns pull you around the quilt. Great colors, too!

Here's a peek at a cute quilt I made a couple years ago for my nephew's daughter. Another scrappy creation in a simple pattern. I just did a simple wavy design for the top quilting. The back is cozy fleece in a butterfly fabric. It's so fun to make things for little girls again! 
Kitana with her mom Vivan! (She's grown so much since this pic!)

 In quilt class baby news, both Jasmine and Mimi had their babies. Jasmine had a sweet baby girl, Sophia, and Mimi had her twins. I don't have much news on the twins yet. Congratulations, mamas!!! Now you have a class full of grandmas waiting to get their hands on those cuties...myself included!

Alright gals, keep creating, keep sewing and I'll share your work on the blog! Thanks for dropping by the Sunset Coast.

Have an Earnest Day!


  1. Awesome quilts! Makes me want to drag my sewing machine out...

  2. Do it! You'll have lots of projects to sew with your new home, too!


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