Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quilt Time!!!!

  So how is everyone doing? Is your summer going well? Southern California has been very gloomy for a couple days. We even had a little bit of rain. Not enough to water the plants, but just some strange monsoonal moisture. 

  Quilt class was in full swing Tuesday. A few projects were completed so I thought I would share here...
Jennifer made this cute and hilarious maternity top! An appliqued baby is peaking out through the middle. Jasmine our soon-to-deliver-mom was the perfect model for this unique project!
 Gloria has made a few of these nice quilted tote bags. I love the orange owl fabric on this one. Even the inside has great pocket detailing! Orange! Owls! Win-Win!

 Below, you'll see the quilted table topper I finally finished. It was an interesting technique. I made these  little round quilts, then sewed them together in squares and sewed down the curved edges. It looked like I had 25 pot holders before it was put together. It's a nice effect, but lots of work for a small quilt. This only came out to about 25 inches square. Here's a link to the instructions if you dare to try it! (click here).
  I want to thank all the quilting ladies for letting me share their projects and quilts. It's fun to see the finished product! Keep on sewing !

  Have a Stitchin' Day!

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  1. Awesome quilt, awesome bag, and that's the cutest maternity top I've ever seen!!!



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