Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hi folks! Had another great day at quilting class. Great because I finished my quilt. The Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt is done, finished, fin, complete, exhausted, executed, wrapped up , ended and accomplished. If you missed the first post, I fixed the square I put in wrong, sewed on borders, added a backing, stitched the top and sewed on the binding.  Seems like a quilter's project is never done! But  here it is at last...

You can find the instructions for making this fun and scrappy quilt here.    Quiltville Tutorial
I showed you the quilt below  while in progress. Bobbie completed her binding and pinned it up on the 'wall of fame' for the class to view. It's gorgeous. It's a very big quilt, big enough for an extra long twin bedspread.

 I have to apologize for the bad picture quality. It doesn't do this quilt justice.

Susan is making these darling aprons. The pattern is sized for an American Girl Doll, a child and an adult. What a great pattern. I love the cupcakes on the this one, perfect for a doll and her girl-mommy. Check out the details on the bodice and pockets.. so cute!

Louise finished the charity quilt I previewed before. I think it came out nice with it's colorful scraps and bright yellow trim. Someone will give this lap quilt a lot of love.

I think that's all for today. I'm going to be sharing finished projects every week so bring them to class gals! Next week I'm starting on something I've never tried. Here's a preview of the pattern I'm working on next. I'm going to make a runner using a circular block technique like this one below...

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Have a ScrapTastic Day!!!
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  1. beautiful quilts! just beautiful!

    and I like the aprons too, I will have to look for that pattern.

  2. Thanks Rhonda, the sewing class is fun, and I've made many good friends there too!


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