Friday, April 19, 2013

Beach Style Decor and Wreaths

I just love walking around interesting neighborhoods and looking at people's homes. Last week I was walking around Newport Beach, California. This is a beautiful city  with great beaches, a harbor and upscale homes and lifestyles. I like to walk around the more funky areas near the beach and this day I was walking around the Lido Isle area. Well, there is the cutest, and I mean cutest little community called 'Lido Peninsula Resort'. It's actually a neighborhood of tiny homes.. prefab homes and mobile homes. But it is so quaint. Almost every home has done some beachy decorating in their front yard and made the most of their itty bitty lot.  Seeing all the darling decorations inspired me to do some looking around pinterest for more beachy design and especially ocean and sea inspired wreaths.
   Here are some views on my walk...Love these!
  This porch was especially comfy looking with it's red Adirondack chairs and the great signal flag pillows.
A great hippie surfboard bus. I've seen this artist's work in Laguna Beach.
 I kind of like the reflections in this picture even though I was trying to photograph the seashell wreath. Do you see my head?

A sweet, classic white picket fence and some lighthouse painted chairs look inviting. How about those starfish in the windows?

 I liked this wreath, a combination of shells, fishnet and a mermaid.

 A nice hue of purple on this door and an inviting flower painting welcomes visitors.

Here's a view of one of the streets. These are the nicer homes. Many of the homes were mobile homes that were added onto like the one below.
This tiny home made the most of it's 'yard' using pots full of cactus and succulents. There's my orange door! I'm in an orange phase lately.
Now don't get ideas that you want to move to these little homes. As cute as they were, it is Newport Beach and the prices are high. The bad thing is, they're on leased land and when I went into an open house a couple years ago, the lease alone was $2400 a month! I think most of the people there use them as vacation cottages. It was certainly a perfect spot, right on the harbor with it's own beach.
Okay, so I won't get a teeny, vacation cottage.. But, I could add some beach decor to my home! I found some beautiful wreaths on Pinterest.
I really like the wreaths with driftwood and seashells. Maybe I'll start collecting some driftwood and make one of these babies. Or maybe I'll just make this boat and sail off into dreamland!
Which wreath do you like best?
Have a beachy day!
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  1. Thank you for the delightful tour of homes. The turquoise home with the orange door was my favorite. And who wouldn't love the hanging bed!

  2. I used to spend spring break In Balboa when I was in high school. When I could drive, my friends and I would head for Balboa and take the ferry over to Balboa Island. Balboa and Laguna were my dream destinations for life when I was a kid. I thought every house was cuter than the next. I remember sitting on the jetty in Balboa when I was 17 vowing to one day own a beach house. I own a beach house, but definitely not in Balboa or Laguna at their hefty price tags.

  3. Love the porch with the red chairs! Love the green spruce wreath...very pretty! I'm with you on making the boat and sailing away, sound like a good idea to me! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  4. Thanks for the tour! Having a beach house has been a lifelong dream for me, but so far, that's all it is! I can never get enough, though, of looking at others. I love the one with the white picket fence and red door.

  5. Thank you for the tour. The boat is wonderful!

  6. Which do I love best? I'm with Cindy... I love that porch with the red chairs. And I also like that blue-turquoise door on the first house. I love the boat bed. How fun! And the wreath I like the best is the one that has the twigs and what looks like blue shells. Those shells make it different, and I liked that. I actually like all of them. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm dropping by from Claudia's blog party.



  7. Whoa! The lease is $2400? Yikes - now I don't feel so bad about our monthly mortgage payment. They are so charming, though. Each one has such personality! Thanks for taking us on your walk and for joining in this week.



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