Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Long Beach Farmer's Market Sunday

Come on kids! We're going a little bit north up the coast to the Sunday Farmer's Market in Long Beach, California!

It's not too far from Huntington Beach, in the parking lot of the Long Beach Alamitos Bay Marina. I had perfect weather for my afternoon in the market. It was bustling that sunny day!
Are you checking out these men? I was taking a picture of that lady on the far left!
Not only do they have lots of vendors selling great fruits, vegetables, organic produce, bakery goods, sausages, cheeses, plants, flowers and goodies, they have a 'food court' and an arts and craft fair! I went with one thing in mind...
I headed there to buy these... ORANGES! They have been fantastic this year. Super sweet and juicy, they're like candy.I've been getting a large bag of navel oranges every couple weeks while they're in season.
         Later, I'll share my healthy Orange Cookies Recipe...

Spring is a great time to find fresh flowers at the Farmer's Market, too. I'm not one to buy fresh cut flowers too often. But I was tempted...


I bought one of the small orchids for only 4 dollars and put it in my little  cherub planter in the family room.

Can't forget to share my Orange Cookie Recipe.. see below!
Healthy Orange 'Cookies'


Okay, so it's not a recipe. But I used to tell my kids they were orange cookies and sometimes they even asked for them!

Well, that's my little tour of my day trip on the Sunset Coast. Thanks for coming along! Lastly, I want to share this rather blurry picture.. Have you ever seen a boat tented for termites???
 Where do you like to spend a sunny Spring day where you live?
Have a Fresh Day!

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  1. Hey Cindy what time does it start for the fresh veggies? Bev


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