Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Quilt Class Creations

 TUESDAY AGAIN!!! It seems to come every week! Another Tuesday, another sewing circle. This week was pretty quiet. I think a lot of the women were on Spring break. Usually our class has over a dozen gals, this week we were down to only 7. Well, it was a good day to spread out our projects on the tables.
 Ginny finished the vibrant quilt top shown above. The bright colors are striking. She did each square by laying strips on a muslin foundation, adding another strip, flipping it over and ironing them down as she went. The colors and pattern make a real modern statement! A happy couple will get this as their wedding gift.

 Louise is making this quilt for her Women's Charity. She sewed together the strips of scrap fabrics first. Then she sewed them right onto a layer of batting and the quilt bottom fabric.A strip of fabric is sewn between each row of scraps.  By sewing this way, the quilt is already quilted when you finish the quilt top. I've oversimplified the process, but it's a quick way to make this nice lap size quilt. Both Ginny and Louise used a Flip and Sew method with different looks. Some lucky person will get this lap quilt to keep them warm!
  I completed the quilt top shown here. It's called 'Scrappy Trip Around the World'. It's a really fun pattern with an interesting technique using strips. You can find the instructions here on  Quiltville's Blog.
I made 20 blocks, added a border in one fabric and another outer border with multiple scraps of fabric. A design flaw in laying out my blocks is really obvious (to me at least) in the photo!  I changed the  offending block before finishing class Tuesday.(Luckily, only one block was placed wrong). I'll show you another photo when the quilt is all done. Do you see the design problem?  AND I still need to back it, quilt it and bind it. No wonder people collect U.F.O.'s! (Un-finished-objects). Quilters get real excited when the quilt top is done, then there is still a lot of work to do!
Ms. L is working on the same Scrappy Trip quilt pattern as me. Pictured below, you can see how using different fabrics produces a completely different look. Can't wait to see how all her beautiful materials come together.I think she is making hers quite a bit larger.
Below is a pretty quilt made by Maria. She has gotten really good at making this braid pattern and this one is exceptional! Love the great fabrics and the triple strips in between really set if off.
See you next week with more Quilt Class Updates!
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  1. Pretty quilts. I really like yours.

    1. Laura, Thank you for the compliment! I hope you'll try the pattern. There's a link in the post. And thanks for visiting, please follow my site if you would!

  2. Wow, gorgeous quilts! My daughter attended a fine arts high school, and she took quilting as a math/fine arts elective (I guess the geometry of the quilts qualified it as a math elective). Her quilt is so pretty, and she wants to create more quilts when she gets the time.

    LOL You and I both posted about classes ;P

    Thanks so much for linking-up to My Happy List!


  3. Thanks for having me. The right class can really enhance your life! Thanks for following too...


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