Friday, March 29, 2013

Succulents and an Indoor Garden

Good day from the Sunset Coast! Have you noticed that succulents have really become popular? Garden centers are stocking up all kinds of them. I've started collecting them  and replanting them in pots as they propagate. I call them 'babies' when the plant kind of clones itself and makes a new plant. It's easily snipped off and just put into another pot or right into the ground.
I have several pots of mixed succulents and I just keep taking clippings and adding them to other pots. Here are a couple on my front steps.

They're so easy to grow and don't really need much care.They do well in my Southern California climate because they are drought resistant too. Sometimes a neighbor will give me a little 'baby'  off their succulents. Sometimes I take a little piece on my dog walks.
I found some fabulous and inspiring plantings of succulents on Pinterest.

Some of the ideas are for indoor succulent planters, so I decided to give that a try.
 I had this sorry looking plant for several years. It just doesn't seem to grow!

First thing I did was add some indoor planting mix soil!!!
Then I just started harvesting little snippets of succulents from pots around my yard. Simply popped them into the soil.
When the pot gets overgrown, I'll just take some out and replant them elsewhere.
The newly planted pot found a home in my kitchen.
Do you have a place for succulents in your home or garden?
Have a Sunny Day!
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