Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quilting; My Favorite Quilt

This is my favorite quilt (that I made). It's from a pattern book called 'Double Dipity: More Serendipity Quilts' by Sara Nephew. Who couldn't love a quilt from this book?
     I learned so much making this quilt. I learned to fussy cut from fabric. The patchwork hexagons are made up of pieces all cut from the same part of the fabric. You end up with a beautiful kaleidoscope effect.
Even the little dark hexagons are cut that way from a different fabric.
I think I used 3 different 'square' patterns from the book and put them together. The fabrics unify the whole quilt.
I usually have it hung on the wall but I put it on the bed for this pic.
All the sewing is machine quilted and I finished the quilt with a simple 'stitch in the ditch'.

The book is great.. lots of patterns and lots of border ideas. I used the triangle idea from the book, but there are many elaborate patterns. I have to say though, this is not a book for real beginners, though I was only quilting for a couple years when I made this one.

Here is where I keep my scrap fabrics. It's an old secretary with a glass door. I have my Singer Feather weight machine on top. Looks like I need to organize it badly! Everytime I organize it, I go and mess it up anyways. Lately I've been making scrap quilts. No matter how many scraps you use, you never run out. They seem to multiply in that cabinet!
Have a Creative Day! Cindy
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  1. Awesome quilt! I'm totally intimidated by real quilt patterns...I've made several quilts over the past couple years, but I totally have to make them up as I go!



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