Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good Morning Spring Home! and a peak at my Living Room

Happy Spring! I'd thought I'd start off this bloggy thing with some shots of my home--starting with the main level where the living room, dining room and kitchen are. This morning the sun was streaming in nicely and this is the first thing I see when I come downstairs and head to the kitchen for my coffee. I recently took down a big painting from the fireplace and put up this white painted metal decoration. I also painted the orang-ISH oak mantel with some DIY chalk paint. I just mixed up paint, a little plaster of paris and a bit of water. I applied clear wax when it was dry. See little Pumpkin curled up there? I have that purple throw on the sofa because she  loves that spot.

I get a kick out of nice vintage thrift shop finds. This little table was a 3 buck deal! It was just dirty and I cleaned it, gave it a coat of stain and a clear spray finish. The brass lamp was also found on one of my thrift shop tours. I love the shape and it is really weighty. The plate is from good old Home Goods. Gotta have some Home Goods !

Didn't really do much on the dining room table for Easter. Just a small quilt I made in Spring colors and some of my Bunnykin dishes and other Spring inspired things. I painted the bunny basket---another found object. I scored the crystal  candlesticks in the background at a garage sale years ago. The milk glass cake plate was my mother in law's and I treasure it!

 Another view towards the entry and Pumpkin won't smile for the camera!
Here's a view from the dining room to the living room. I'm trying to show you my metal sculpted chandelier without revealing that one of the lightbulbs is burned out!

I think that's enough of a home preview for a very first post! I'll be posting more of my house, my painted furniture and quilts. That's just a little taste of my decorating and home design.
                          Hope you'll follow me on this blog! Happy First Day of Spring!

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