Friday, March 22, 2013

Huntington Beach Butterfly Park: My Mini Adventure with the Dogs

Every morning I take my dogs Tinker and Pumpkin for a walk. It's not a very vigorous walk, they're old dogs. Tinker is a white poodle and 14, Pumpkin is an apricot mix of who knows what. I rescued her 7 years ago, but she is probably about as old as Tinker. When her fur grows out she looks like a teddy bear and everyone asks, 'What kind of dog is that?' Then they usually laugh or squeal because she looks so cute. Then they proceed to bend down to pet her...Big mistake! She snaps at them defensively.  Anyways, I digress!
Yesterday we went to the Butterfly Park.
Actually, it's the Norma Brandel Gibbs, former mayor of Huntington Beach, park.

Name this flower!
It's a pretty little park. Lots of eucalyptus trees for butterflies to lay eggs and the sides are lined with garden beds full of plants that attract butterflies. The weather is great here, but the plants aren't in full bloom yet. I captured a few pretty flowers. The beds are taken care of by volunteers and they even have labels for many of the plants. Did I remember to write them down? No...!
                                                                Sweet Pea Bush

      The other nice thing about 'Butterfly Park' is that it is fairly enclosed and people let their dogs run off leash. It's not allowed, so don't quote me on this!
You can also dedicate a bench or tree to a loved one in their memory. What a nice place to contemplate your love of someone lost.
How I see Pumpkin and Tinker on a Walk

Anyways, it was a beautiful morning, the birds were chirping, and tweeting and cawing. As we were leaving, I noticed a large dog running off leash. No big deal, but then a man started shoo'ing it away. It was a COYOTE! We have such a coyote problem in the city of Huntington Beach. So I quickly left the park with my little appetizers doggies. I guess I'll have to be more careful at Butterfly Park. Did I mention I didn't see any butterflies?


Where do you like to go to see nature where you live?                                                      
Have a peaceful day! Cindy

butterfly park sign

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