Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Etsy Shop--the Scrounge Lounge

Welcome back! I think I'm a little project burned out. This will last about 2 days, there's always something to make or redo when you have a home. I have worked on my garden a little. I had to have 3 giant ficus trees removed. If you know anything about those trees, you know how invasive they are. The roots looked like tree trunks and were ruining my backyard. I really miss the shade and their greenery and I probably made some birds mad. I'll share my garden in the near future--it's had quite a few changes this year.

Have you noticed the little pictures from my Etsy shop? Over there ------->?
Those are things for sale in my Etsy shop! I named it 'Scrounge Lounge'.. it's a shop of vintage and handmade items. is a great place to shop for everything vintage or made by hand. If you've never checked it out, beware! It's addicting to browse through millions of beautiful items. Jewelry, artwork, crafts, knitting, baby gifts, wedding decor, antiques and vintage goodies are found in over abundance. There are thousands of shops to look at within the Etsy website.
I started the 'Scrounge Lounge' to sell some vintage items from my home. My sales have been steady, but I'd say it's more of a hobby than anything else. I admit, I need to do some more scrounging and add to my shop inventory.

Here are some of the things for sale in my Scrounge Lounge Etsy shop right now.
 Vintage plates with 23 kt gold decoration. I love the vintage fashion styles. These are in like new condition!

Hand Painted vintage jewelry box. You might remember the tutorial I did on how to paint this little beauty with the faux marble top and details.

Cast iron match holder from 1868! Love the basket design and leaves...

Pedestal cake plate decorated with chrysanthemums in vibrant colors...

Sweet little glass dish.. perfect for a cupcake!

Large Fostoria vase with signature 'honeycomb' design.

 Hand painted Jewelry box with butterflies and birds.

Royal Winton gold teacup and saucer.

I hope you'll drop by the Scrounge Lounge Etsy shop sometime! I've got about 60 items right now and keep adding frequently. Like I said, is a wonderful place for all types of fabulous. I should mention, they also sell supplies for crafts and jewelry and art, besides the hand made and vintage items.  I found it easy to set up the shop. If you have a camera and a computer you can open your own shop! Well, you need STUFF too...

See you next time! Have a Super Day!

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