Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Antique Hall Bench and the Painted Pot

Hello people! Would you like to see my lovely antique hall bench? As soon as you enter my house, you'll see this great vintage piece. I'm lucky to have owned this for over 25 years! I believe it's English, but I'm not sure. I got it at an auction and it's been treasured ever since. The bench seat is hinged and there is storage inside. It's held many things over the years---pillows, blankets, toys and games etc.
 Here are some of the nice carved details...
On top of the bench are some pillows and a metal pot I painted. I got that  vintage crewel work pillow at a garage sale. Lots of hard work sold for pennies.. isn't that how it goes?
I had to take the pot outside to get more light. We're in full 'June Gloom' mode in southern California. We probably will get a peek at the sun around 4 pm today.
I've painted this pot before, in fact, I found 3 of these in thrift stores. I think it's made of aluminum. I painted one for my mother and I have another one painted red. I'm not very good at drawing, but I get inspiration on the internet and even trace shapes right off of my computer monitor. That butterfly is one such shape. I find something I like on google images, resize it on my monitor and trace. The flowers and leaves are my own whimsical, doodling style. I prefer my paint and paint brush to get details, not drawing.
Another side of the pot shows flowers, leaves and the distinctive handle painted in greens.
More of my funky painting! Flowers, leaves and stems in multi-colors...

Here's another view of the hall bench and contents. Each side of the hall bench has the original zinc holders. I'm not sure of their purpose. Perhaps for canes and umbrellas? We've used them to throw shoes into and dog toys. Reality is so unromantic. I prefer to imagine that they held Victorian gentleman's canes and  frilly lady's parasols!
Now what do you think I use that beautiful painted pot for? 
 It comes in handy, right by the front door, for dog leashes and bags.
 That's right, a fancy poop bag holder! 
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Hope everyone enjoys their day! 
Have a fancy day!


  1. Good Evening Cindy, I adore your antique hall bench, the detail is so lovely.... and to have a hallway which is large enough to house such a large bench must be fabulous.
    I love crewel work, I think my favourite is Jacobean crewel work. It takes such a long time to create such a beautiful piece and I am glad the cushion has found a lovely home.
    I think there is a hidden artist somewhere inside you, as your painted plant holder is lovely. I love the colours you have chosen.
    Have a lovely evening,
    Best Wishes

  2. I am totally IN LUV with your beautiful bench...and the pot, too. :))
    Thanks for coming over...and if it wasn't so hot, your chocolate would be in the mail. :))
    I am following you, too.:))

  3. Very nice,Cindy. You are inspiring me. I just need the time to get a good blog up.

  4. This is an amazing piece. I can see ladies taking their parasols from the side of the bench and sitting there to tie their shoes.

  5. OMG I am panting and drooling...drooling and panting. That bench is to die for. I love the pot as well. Job well done. Your post was so wonderful and inspirational. I would love it if you would share your post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us!

  6. What an absolutely beauty that hall bench is! Thanks for sharing at Knick of Time Tuesday - I'll be featuring you next week at the party.

  7. I love the hall bench and am glad you are putting your pot to good use. LOL ! :)


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