Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Look Kids! QUILTS!!!

Well, I've been pretty lazy about blogging lately. So here they are... the quilts and projects completed in my quilt class during the past few weeks! If I missed your project, let me know and I'll try to get it on here and let the world know we're still creating!
Let the games.. er, quilt sharing begin!

Linda made this sentimental quilt in memory of a loved one. It features scraps of familiar shirts in a log cabin pattern.

Gotta love this manly fabric on the back of the pillow, too!
Ms. L has been busy finishing some nice quilts. This 'scrappy trip around the world' quilt is exquisite!
Setting off the borders with the burgundy fabric was a nice touch.  I'm also including a picture of the backing because the garden fabric is really charming.

Marian made this cozy fleece quilt for Halloween. Everyone loves these simple, no sew, tied edge quilts because they're so warm and come in great prints. Can't wait for some cool weather to get under some quilts like this!
Louise has done a lot of great sewing projects over the years. She took this 'Sunbonnet Sam' quilt that was in bad repair and made a pillow and a smaller quilt. Great job restoring an antique quilt that is over 100 years old!
Diane found this super, kid's Dragon fabric panel and produced this brilliant quilt! A deserving little guy is going to get this one. I had to show the cute quilt label too!

Are you still with me? One more gorgeous quilt by Ms. L. Cheery yellow, black and white make up this playful pattern.

A big thanks to all the great quilt makers from the Lakewood sewing class. Sorry to have dropped the blogger ball lately. I hope I get some momentum going with this post and share more real soon.
 Love you for reading!